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BBC America


Orphan Black (season 5)

521 views Comments (0)


2 episodes

A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.


Ripper Street (season 5)

288 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

A new drama set in the East End of London in 1889 during the aftermath of Jack The Ripper murders. The infamous H Division – the police precinct charged with keeping order in the district of Whitechapel- is in a chaotic state trying to keep order after a tumultuous time for London and reported infamously worldwide.


Ripper Street (season 4)

2,368 views Comments (3)


7 episodes

In 1889 London was shocked by terrible events. For the first time in the history there was a serial killer who not only killed his victims, but gutting them as a butcher. Moreover, he did it so cleverly and with surgical precision that local police had a suspicion, that a serial killer has higher education, namely a wealthy aristocrat trades this nightmare? The team of detectives are trying to find out all details of that case…


Orphan Black (season 4)

5,307 views Comments (8)


10 episodes

Such TV serial shows the story about Sarah. She lost her parents and she missed them very much. Sarah was so lonely, because she has no person, which will take care about her like her parents. One day she become the only one witness to the girls suicide. Then she impersonate girls death to somebody who will change her life. And that was a great mistake, but she realized it lately.


Orphan Black (season 3)

6,801 views Comments (8)


10 episodes

Sarah can not be called a lucky man. She had no parents and friends, she could not relied upon someone in difficult times. The only memorable event in her life was a meeting with girl ended with suicide. Sarah was incredibly similar to her. And now, after the strange death of a stranger the main character decided to take up her name, believing that another life is much better that she has got. Being a swindler she gets used to someone else’s lives. But soon it leads to disaster, Sarah discovers why is the girl committed suicide…



Tatau (season 1)

1,901 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Kyle Connor and Budgie are two best friends. They are twenty-something fellows from London and recently they decided to travel the world. Kyle makes tattoo in honor of traveling with the image of their final destination – The Cook Islands. At first everything went ok without any problems, but it soon turned out that the guys get in real danger. Kyle and Budgie found dead girl with the same tattoo as Kyle has. They begin to investigate this mysterious incident and it leads them into the world of Maori. The world of ancient myths, symbols and traditions.



Ripper Street (season 3)

7,507 views Comments (18)

Ripper Street Amazon season 3 2014

8 episodes

Ripper Street season 3 begins in 1894 with the London detectives investigating a highly violent train robbery. Reid, Drake, Jackson and Long Susan have been split and divided by catastrophic events, six months after the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. The police of H Division return to work the toughest beat imaginable: Victorian London’s East End. (more…)


Doctor Who (season 8)

17,290 views Comments (54)

Doctor Who BBC America poster season 8 2014

12 episodes + Special

The new doctor appears in the new series. It’s the Twelfth Doctor. Clara Oswald will also appear in the eighth season. This is an exciting new era for the tv show … (more…)


The Game (season 1)

9,584 views Comments (10)

The Game BBC poster season 1 2014

6 episodes

This is a smart and explosive depiction of the Cold War. The Game takes back to a time when the proliferation of espionage was at an all-time high. With relations between the Soviet Union and Britain fractured due to the former’s occupation of Eastern Europe, the series shines a light on how spying and covert operations further damaged the two nations’ relationship. The KGB, accused of countless crimes, dispatched spies all over Britain to embed themselves alongside her finest in order to infiltrate and later, carry out acts of terror. Those who lived through these trying times will instantly relate to the tension, uncertainty and the palpable fear that life as you knew it, could change in an instant. (more…)


Intruders (season 1)

5,916 views Comments (3)

Intruders poster BBC America season 1 2014

8 episodes

The series is based on the eponymous book by Michael Marshall Smith. Mystical thriller tells how Jack Whalen ran away from his dark and violent past for a quiet life in the North-West of the USA. But his wife goes missing, and soon begin to occur in unrelated mysterious events. He begins his own investigation, which will change its view of human nature. (more…)